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BBSTEM (Black British Professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) is a non-profit organisation campaigning for a balanced representation of Black individuals in STEM from education right through to industry. We achieve this by educating young people and organisations on the importance of diversity and inclusion by holding programmes, workshops, networking events and mentoring schemes. Motivating young people to see that embarking on a STEM career is an option and it’s something that they can progress in and be successful, because without obvious representation it might not seem like it is. There are a number of organisations with the aim of encouraging and inspiring girls/women and young people in STEM. However, The Royal Academy of Engineering stated ‘There are a number of programmes designed to support and encourage girls into STEM, but there are fewer supporting BAME students.’ This statement supported by statistical results which shows that the number of UK domicile students enrolled onto a STEM related course was only 6%. BBSTEM’s mission is to fill this gap. We have a network of over 400 STEM professionals and students located across the UK.

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