Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Management of UK Marine Resources (CDT SuMMeR)

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The CDT SuMMeR has been designed to deliver the next generation of innovative transdisciplinary engaged researchers.  Bringing together six hosting partners, including the University of Plymouth as lead, four collaborative partners who are all world leaders in marine research and postgraduate training and 45 associate partners from multiple sectors will support and provide CASE studentship awards, the CDT will provide unique fully funded opportunities for PhD students to become interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary researchers.

Importantly, in CDT SuMMeR we want to play our part to improve equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the environmental sciences. We are determined to make a difference, so EDI is also at the heart of SuMMeR, for CDT staff and for students, through the whole journey from project development, to recruitment, completion and to exit.

Our CDT will take three cohorts of students, with the first intake starting in October 2022.

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