Marcin Krasnowolski Polish Fixer

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Production of movies, photos, journalism – this is a task made for experts. If your application or shoot needs the best quality production services – it is my major. Marcin Krasnowolski – really experienced maker and fixer knows how it is done. Extensive industry knowledge and numerous contacts sets me apart from the rest. Also if you neeed to collaborate with a polish fixer who is engaged in the project, you will be satisfied! If you chooose my group, you choose excellent communication in English and big qualifications. Ready to action! Interviews, articles, films and any other projects – we put our heart into every production. If you want to find out – please get in touch. It’s for sure – a huge success is coming! You must check it by yourself. You can be sure, that’s worth it!


Marcin Krasnowolski Polish Fixer
ul. Rozrywka 20/53, 31-419 Kraków

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