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Queen Mary University of London and the University of Southampton are proud to run a joint Medical Research Council (MRC)-funded Doctoral Training Partnership. Starting in 2016 in collaboration with the MRC as “MRC DTP in Translational Immunology, Inflammation and Cancer”, we have established a successful 4-year MRC-funded MRes/PhD programme that identifies excellent students and matches them with outstanding research projects. After the successful renewal, the programme was renamed to “MRC DTP in Translational Biomedical Sciences” in September 2022, incorporating the themes of cancer, neurological, inflammatory and infectious diseases, anti-microbial resistance and global health.

Recently we also appointed additional MRC-funded students to study projects addressing skills of national shortage and iCASE studentships who study in association with a commercial partner. Together with university funding, the joint programmes have appointed over 60 students to our MRC DTP to date. Our students experience a variety of research environments and skills that arm them for their future career in the field of science. We are enormously proud of our students, many of whom offer commentary on their experiences to date.

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