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The National Institute for Health and Care Research Biomedical Research Centre for Exeter (NIHR Exeter BRC) is hosted by the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with the University of Exeter and in collaboration with South West NHS organisations. The first of its kind for the South West peninsula, the Centres fundamental objective is to improve health outcomes for patients and the public by translating scientific breakthroughs into potential new treatments, diagnostics and medical technologies.

The NIHR Exeter BRC will create an environment in the Southwest for world-leading researchers to thrive and contribute significantly to the local and national economy. We are delighted to have already recruited some exceptionally talented researchers at various career stages to our NIHR Exeter BRC, including  Senior Investigator Fellows, Translational Fellows and our first cohort of PhD students who started with us in September.

The NIHR Exeter BRC will focus on five major, complementary research themes:

  • Neurodegeneration: We will find and test new, better drugs that prevent and treat major brain conditions in older adults such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Rehabilitation: We will use exciting new approaches to help older people to recover from illness or manage their long-term conditions like dementia and arthritis. This will include using technology to improve movement, maintain brain health and prevent falls.
  • Diabetes: We will improve the way diabetes is diagnosed and treated, and we will explore how to help those most at risk of developing the disease.
  • Genetics and Genomics: We will unlock the power of genetics, using it to improve diagnosis of rare illnesses in children and rare cancers, and to create treatments for common diseases that can be tailored to different people based on their unique genetic profile.
  • Clinical Mycology: We will seek better treatments to prevent and manage fungal infections that are common in the UK and understand better how fungi become resistant to drug treatments.

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