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The Faraday Institution is the UK’s independent institute for electrochemical energy storage research and skills development. We bring together scientists and industry partners on research projects to reduce battery cost, weight, and volume; to improve performance and reliability; and to develop whole-life strategies including recycling and reuse.

Bringing together expertise from universities and industry, and as part of the Faraday Battery Challenge, the Faraday Institution endeavours to make the UK the go-to place for the research, development, manufacture and production of new electrical storage technologies for both the automotive and the wider relevant sectors.

The Faraday Institution funds application-inspired basic research in electrochemical energy storage. The most promising research coming out of the Institution will be developed for real-world use through the pipeline of innovation and application established through the Faraday Battery Challenge. This model will discover new materials, leading to game-changing tech breakthroughs.

The Faraday Institution brings together scientists, industry partners, and government funding with a common goal. We invest in collaborative research to reduce battery cost, weight, and volume; to improve performance and reliability; to develop scalable designs; to improve our manufacturing; to develop whole-life strategies from mining to recycling to second use; and to accelerate commercialisation.

We will sponsor a national curriculum in energy storage science and provide technology education opportunities to invigorate regional and national workforce development. This will provide new models of education and training for skilled workers while creating new and expanded employment.


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