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At the University of Edinburgh, we’ve been influencing the world for more than 400 years. As an organisation underpinned by equality, diversity and inclusion we’ve influenced and been influenced by lots of other ‘worlds’; different people, places, beliefs and ideas. It makes us who we are. Today, we’re a wonderfully diverse mix of people of all kinds and minds. While that’s an end in itself, when we put these people together and equip and empower them, they imagine, create, test and develop new ideas in a way that others can’t. It changes lives – sometimes individually, sometimes globally.

We don’t take this for granted. Our exceptional, powerful community is protected through bold and positive action. We’ve codified our values and embedded them into our processes and systems so that equality, diversity and inclusion is brought the mainstream in everything that we do. Ultimately, it’ll be seen in all our touchpoints from catering to a curriculum that celebrates difference, challenges prejudice, and ensures fairness. Our ambition is that the wonderfully diverse characters who choose to join us and grow with us  – whether they’re students, staff or partners and whether they’re from Leith, Lisbon or Lilongwe – find that we’re the most welcoming place to study and work. Our goal is that the systemisation of our belief in equality, diversity and inclusion is absorbed into their bones. And so, person-by-person, day-by-day, we make the world a more caring, equitable, sustainable place.

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