Julia Anderson BDAU Trainee – Data Management & Communications

Job summary

The Julia Anderson BDAU Trainee will be recruited to the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) as part of a newly launched work experience scheme for current students and recent graduates.

IGHI forms part of Imperial’s strategy to find solutions to global challenges by focusing multidisciplinary research expertise on addressing international issues. IGHI focuses on the delivery of high quality and internationally pertinent research organised around five centres of excellence. These centres are tightly woven within a clinical setting and together form a value-adding and supportive framework for fostering research expertise, translating cutting-edge research and establishing a recognised brand, which readily informs and influences the highest levels of industrial, academic and public sector stakeholders.

The Institute comprises a multidisciplinary team of over 200 clinicians, engineers, scientists, psychologists, policy analysts, data specialists, healthcare managers, economists, industrial designers and entrepreneurs all focused on the co-creation and diffusion of healthcare innovation to tackle some of the most pressing global challenges facing mankind today.

The BDAU Trainee will be based in the Big Data and Analytical Unit (BDAU) a strategic unit within IGHI’s Centre for Health Policy. The main focus will be to support data management processes and communications activities within BDAU, including supporting the BDAU Secure Environment (BDAU SE) annual user renewal process, and the creation of a new BDAU newsletter. They will gain hands-on work experience supporting data management activities within IGHI and will receive mentorship and support from IGHI staff throughout their placement.

Benefits for the trainee will be:

  • to develop knowledge and understanding of data governance, GDPR, and BDAU data management policy and procedures;
  • to develop skills in design, writing copy, editing and proofreading;
  • engaging with world-leading data analysts and policy makers who are developing innovations in healthcare; and
  • gaining experience of working in an institute that delivers internationally leading health innovation programmes, influencing policy and practice.

Duties and responsibilities

You will work alongside key staff within IGHI’s BDAU unit and communications team to support the BDAU SE data management operations and to plan, manage and organise content for the BDAU SE newsletter. You will arrange relevant data protection and information security training for BDAU SE users and develop copy and source images and visuals for the BDAU SE newsletter. You will also suggest other ways to increase engagement from BDAU SE users and relevant partners. In doing so you will play a vital role in supporting a platform which securely holds and analyses data, to increase engagement of and understanding of its benefit to users, and to build on knowledge to further improve user experiences in future activities.

Essential requirements

You should be due to complete or have already completed an undergraduate or postgraduate certificate or programme in a relevant degree programme (such as healthcare, communications, data management or marketing), and have not completed an internship or graduate programme previously. You will have a keen interest in global health challenges or research / data management and how to address such challenges. The ability to form effective working relationships with a diverse range of people, including working inclusively and as part of a team are paramount. Key to the role will be good communication skills, (both verbal and written) including the ability to summarise and synthesise information into relevant content. You will also be innovative and have the ability to generate creative ideas.

Further information

This post is offered on a full time and fixed term basis for 8 weeks but would also consider applications for part-time engagement over 12 weeks.

Salary is offered at Professional Services Level 1a, Spine Point 1, based on £22,309 per annum, or equivalent to £1,859 per month.

The role is based at the St. Mary’s Campus (Paddington).

For more detailed information about the trainee programme including FAQs please click here.

More Information

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