Research Assistant or Research Associate

Job Description

The Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology is looking for a Research Assistant / Research Associate.

Influenza remains a major public health challenge. Recent years have seen important developments in influenza vaccinology, with emerging technologies offering the prospect for new vaccines that can protect against a broader range of influenza viruses than was previously possible.

There is a need to anticipate the potential impact that these vaccines may have on influenza epidemiology, and the role of vaccine characteristics in determining this impact.

Duties and Responsibilities

The project will be comprised of two parallel threads: mathematical modelling to inform epidemiological questions, and market and economic analysis to inform policy questions. You may express interest in either or both of these threads.

Under the epidemiology modelling branch, you will develop mathematical models of influenza transmission dynamics to examine the impact of different vaccine characteristics on future influenza epidemiology. As part of the market analysis thread you will perform consultations with key informants / stakeholders.

Day to day duties will include assisting with the analysis of data and maintaining accurate and complete records of all findings.

Job Requirements

You will have good familiarity with influenza epidemiology and model calibration methods. A PhD is essential for appointment to Research Associate and an MSc is essential for appointment to Research Assistant.

How To Apply

To apply, visit and search by the job reference MED02502.

More Information

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