Job summary

­The Biomechatronics laboratory at Imperial College London and is seeking a Researcher to join their group to carry out research into the mechanics of tremor and its suppression using electrical stimulation. The candidate for this post will lead research efforts in creating a closed-loop control system to sense muscle activity associated with tremor and determine the optimal current to stimulate the muscle to suppress uncontrolled motion.

Tremor is the most common movement disorder worldwide, affecting 15% of people aged 50-89. Treatment options today are symptomatic, typically focused on pharmaceutical medication or surgical deep brain stimulation (DBS). We introduce a simple wearable prosthetic that senses tremor through myography and counteract it by delivering electrical stimulation (ES) to the forearm or wrist. The treatment may be applied pervasively, thus offering the potential for long-term therapeutic benefit as well as symptomatic suppression.

Duties and responsibilities

You will primarily be clinically testing the reduction of tremors in affected patients. This will involve the design, fabrication and testing of wearable device systems.

You will contribute to the Research group and department as a member of research staff, in accordance with the requirements as set out in the Job description.

Essential requirements

You must have:

  • A PhD degree in a relevant Engineering discipline, such as Computer Science, Mechatronics or Robotics for appointment to Research Associate level.
  • Experience (evidenced by strong publications) in biomedical signal processing
  • Experience in appropriate materials for medical applications, ideally in medical device development
  • Experience with neurotechnology and its application, ideally with respect to tremor as experienced by patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor
  • You should be proficient in the use of modelling programmes (e.g. C++, Matlab, Python).

Further information

This is a full time, fixed term position for until the 28th February 2023 in the first instance.

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