University of Glasgow – James McCune Smith PHD Scholarships

The University of Glasgow is launching 10 James McCune Smith Scholarships to help fund Black UK students to undertake PHD research. Enhancing experiences through external mentors, placements, leadership training and networking opportunities!

  • Your PhD research can be in any discipline
  • The funding covers stipend and fees for up to four years
  • You’ll receive:
    • a six-month placement with industry, a government or non-governmental organisation or other employer
    • mentorship from outside academia to provide a broader perspective and network, in addition to the usual academic supervisors
    • leadership training and community building activities
    • support for conferences and other networking opportunities

Mentorships and placements

The University of Glasgow will find a suitable external mentor and placement opportunity for every James McCune Smith Scholar no matter what area of research the Scholar chooses.

Ready to apply?

There are 10 James McCune Smith PhD Scholarships available to begin research in October 2022 – eight funded by the University and two by GSK. Click on the link to submit your application by 31st January 2022.

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